Typesetting for Selfpublishers

Step 1

Choose a layout from our list of templates or create your own style.

Step 2

Upload your document (DOC, DOCX, ODT).

Step 3

You get a professional, print-ready document per email within five working days.

* For the first 10 subscribers; one publication per person; maximum 150 pages; maximum 10 pictures and tables; formulas as pictures

  • Optimized typesetting results through microtypographic elements
  • Automatic execution of typographic rules
  • Significantly higher quality compared to word-processing software and conventional typesetting programs
  • Error-free hyphenation
  • Improved readability
  • Professional appearance is important for commerce and customers
  • The entire document is generated very quickly in one cycle
  • Parallel EPUB and eBook generation is possible

With our proprietary software, you’ll benefit from many years of publishing services expertise.

High-quality typesetting automation with fast results, thanks to proprietary software, based on open standards

Consistent, optimal use of page space thanks to mathematical algorithms

Strict separation of content and form – so content updates never disrupt styles, and vice versa

Accurate implementation of all typesetting elements including balancing footnotes and page configuration according to your specifications

Variable page sizes and multiple technical formats​

Media-neutral archiving of source documents and metadata in XML